Prolific Green
Grub Control


Lawn grubs (larvae from beetles) can seriously damage your lawn! Proper preventative methods can help alleviate the massive turf damage that these underground insects can cause. Prolific Green offers optional, but highly recommended preventive measures the can be incorporate into our lawn fertilization schedule.


Lawn grubs are the larvae of a variety of many beetles, including Japanese beetles and June Bugs. These beetles typically lay eggs in July that hatch in about 2-4 weeks. The new larvae begin feeding almost immediately after hatching. Therefore, grub damage starts appearing around August.


After hatching, the grub worms begin feeding on the turf’s root system. The damage will appear as wilting and browning grass in irregular shaped areas around your lawn. Since the grubs damage the root system, the turf will become very loose and peel back like new sod.


Since they attack the grass’s root system, any signs of grub damage means that the damage is already done and is hard to reverse. Typically at that stage, the only way to assess the problem is with a granular insecticide. The damaged turf typically will not rebound, and the area will need to be raked out and reseeded. If you are in need of a grub control treatment contact us today.