Prolific Green


3 applications starting in May and spaced throughout the season of Prolific Green’s Water Less Program can reduce watering by up to 50%. This can serve to help during Droughts, It can reduce your hefty water bill, it can decrease lawn diseases, it reduces hot spots in your lawn, and it will maximize your fertilizer investments.


Tiny granules attract water molecules out of the air like tiny magnets, converting them into microscopic droplets that will deliver moisture to your lawn for up to 3 months. The cost of a single treatment is slightly more than the cost of one fertilizing application and can last between 2 & 3 months. Prolific Green’s water less treatment is a very safe product, comprised of Humectants, a form of food grade sugar alcohol, and other natural materials.

  • Drought Protection
  • Reduced Water Bills
  • Decreased Lawn Disease
  • Improved Lawn Color
  • Maximizes Your Fertilizer Investments
  • Reduces Hot Spots in Your Lawn