Prolific Green
Over Seeding


When we over-seed your lawn, we can help to fill in the bare spots and thin areas with a grass type that is better suited to your lawn and more resistant to common insects and diseases.  We use seed blends that are common to other Michigan turf grasses. The seeds are spread throughout the lawn, helping this service provide a more uniform-looking lawn as well.

  • Increased insect and disease resistant turf types
  • Bare spots and thin areas filled in
  • More uniform growth pattern in lawn


Combining these two incredibly beneficial services gives you all the benefits of both services, AND MAKES OVERSEEDING MORE EFFECTIVE. The holes left by core aeration mean better seed-to-soil contact, which means a higher germination rate and the thicker, healthier lawn you’ve been dreaming of. These services can be done either in the spring or the fall to achieve optimal results. Our trained professionals can always answer your questions about aeration and over-seeding.