Prolific Green
Pest Control

Prolific Green Lawn Service is a leading regional and tree care provider. We strive to set ourselves apart from other lawn companies by providing a better standard of communication with our customers. One of our main goals is to educate our customers on the cultural practices of lawn and tree care. We also strive to continuously improve the quality of service and the results are achieved on our properties. Upon each visit, our expert technicians provide detailed information concerning important topics such as watering needs, mowing tips, disease and insect activity, and a plan to address each issue we may encounter.


Ants are very resilient insects that can live pretty much anywhere in the world. They are very social, living in a colony with a queen ant, worker ants, eggs, larvae and pupae. The worker ants are in charge of keeping their nests up and running, offering protection against the outside elements. They strategically locate their nests by sources of water and food. Depending on the species of ant, they nest in the ground, as well as under concrete or slabs. Other species may be found in wood, including fence posts, dead logs, dead trees or even inside buildings.


Mosquitoes need standing water in order to reproduce, so effective control involves reducing or eliminating standing water sources, killing existing adults, and killing existing larvae that will become new adults. We will do whatever it takes to reduce your mosquitos and/or ticks. We can generally reduce the population of these pests by 80 – 90% or more within just a few weeks. If you get any outbreaks between services, simply let us know and we can have a technician come out for free within 1 business day for treatment (in most cases).


Ticks & Fleas, including the Black-Legged Tick, tend to live outdoors in your lawn, waiting for its new host to walk by and attach itself. Protecting yourswlf with sprays and repellent is one way to help, but also applying a barrier in your lawn where your children and pets play can help dramatically decrease your chances of being bitten.


Moles burrow year-round, creating more shallow tunnels for spring, summer and fall, then deep tunnels for the winter months. They can tunnel very quickly, around one foot per hour in ideal conditions. They prefer sandy soil, moist earth, lawns, gardens and woodlands. They typically are not found in heavy, dry clay soil. Their eyesight is terrible and they are very sensitive to light. The only time you would ever see them running above ground (if ever) would be at night. They prefer solitude, and will not ideally share a tunnel with other moles. Shrews, gophers and voles, however, typically try to invade their perfect tunnels.


Chipmunks are common inhabitants of Michigan’s forested areas, as they love to hide in trees, logs and underground dens. They constantly are looking for food and are perpetual nibblers. You’ll find them scurrying around yards looking for acorns, nuts, insects, berries and seeds.