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Ant Control


Ants are very resilient insects that can live pretty much anywhere in the world. They are very social, living in a colony with a queen ant, worker ants, eggs, larvae and pupae. The worker ants are in charge of keeping their nests up and running, offering protection against the outside elements. They strategically locate their nests by sources of water and food. Depending on the species of ant, they nest in the ground, as well as under concrete or slabs. Other species may be found in wood, including fence posts, dead logs, dead trees or even inside buildings. While they may live inside of the wood, they cannot consume it much like termites can. The only reason for this is because they cannot digest cellulose, meaning that they have to find their food sources from other places.


Ants have six legs and a tough exoskeleton which encases its head, thorax and abdomen. They also have antennae and waists, making them easier to identify. The benefits of an ant’s exoskeleton are numerous. It is tough and rigid, protecting it from weather, injury and water loss. In addition to being a protective barrier for an ant, its exoskeleton allows for super strength, allowing them to carry objects many times larger and heavier than they are. This is very important for ants, as their main job is to contribute to the success of the nest. By being able to carry large items, they can provide food and shelter for the remainder of their colony.