Prolific Green
Deer & Rabbit Repellent


We use deer repellents that do not stain or produce obnoxious odors and are the safest for the environment, effective and long-lasting animal repellents on the professional market. Our seasonal strategy ensures the most effective control of deer on your property. In Late Winter (Feb-Mar), we apply to your landscape as deer populations starve, causing them to aggressively seek out food sources from plants they typically avoid. Throughout the season we are maintaining the browsing that will occur on a regular basis. In Pre-winter (Nov/Dec), we apply to your landscape to prevent buck rubbing and feeding as they experience their runt stage.


We use products that do a great job preventing rabbits from feeding. Typical control occurs from May through October. Under heavy rainfall it may need to be re-applied sooner than the normal 5 week period of control.