Prolific Green
Tree & Shrub Care

What is Tree & Shrub Care?

Our tree & shrub program uses Holganix, a product that is 100% organic bio-nutritional product which assists in strong plants and resistance towards any diseases or possible insect damage by building up the microbiological life in and around your landscaping which in turn helps promote root development and nutrient uptake. This helps to create healthier trees and shrubs, creating a nutrient rich environment for plants to grow in.


This treatment is a mixture of oils that when applied, kills any hibernating insects that have camped out in your trees & shrubs over the winter. Once infested, these insects can harm or even kill your plants.

These multiple treatments are scheduled throughout the year to combat each season’s most active insects and prevalent fungi. These applications treat any existing programs in addition to preventing new ones.

A mixture of nutrients drenched directly onto the soul for the roots to absorb, this treatment feeds your roots for the entire year, allowing your plant to handle stress and drought all year long.

This treatment protects your trees & shrubs from the harsh winters and prevents dry and brittle plants at the end of the season.