Prolific Green
Tree & Shrub Removal

How do we remove a tree?

Well-timed professional shrub pruning can improve both shrub health and appearance. Thoughtful removal of certain parts of the plant can help to concentrate and direct new growth. Professional pruning is much more than simply chopping away to reduce the shrub’s size. Prolific Green’s trained and experienced pruners know how to selectively remove the right parts of the plant at the ideal times of the year. When done correctly, less can be more.

When a tree’s condition becomes a concern, Prolific Green’s experienced arborists are ready to help. We will diagnose the problem and take all necessary steps to maximize the health of the tree and the safety of the area.

  1. when a tree is dead or dying,
  2. dangerous or hazardous trees that could harm people or property,
  3. trees that are planted too closely and are overcrowded,
  4. trees growing too close to buildings or power lines, or
  5. trees that have been damaged by storms.